Our Customer Service

Getting You Back Behind the Wheel

There are many factors that go into choosing the right body shop for you. We understand that getting back behind the wheel after an auto collision can be a difficult process. That’s why we are committed to making your auto body repair as easy as possible. We believe the most effective way to do this is by offering unmatched customer connection.

Helping You with Your Vehicle

When you choose an auto body repair shop to be your trusted go to company, you should have full confidence that you will expect organized repair. At Godwin Body Shop, we go above and beyond to do everything possible to make your experience a positive one.

Our special services include:
  1. Reduced down time
  2. Rental car assistance
  3. Bilingual staff members
  4. Strong vendor relationships
  5. Emailed repair estimate
  6. Customer satisfaction guarantees
  7. Lifetime warranty on repairs
  8. Extended business hours
We are dedicated to building a strong relationship with you when you bring your car into our shop so that you trust us with any repairs in the future. Bring your vehicle in to experience personable assistance.

Call Today and See Why People Keep Coming Back

We truly believe our continued growth and success is due to the strong relationship we forge with each and every one of our customers. Call Godwin Body Shop at 616-245-1231 or e-mail us at godwinbodyshop@gmail.com and start experiencing your enhanced customer service today. Still not convinced?

(Please note: With rust repair, the rust is likely to spread after the repair. We do not fix rust for that reason. We always guarantee our work and with rust there is never a guaranteed fix)